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Still using manual processes and paper files when working with insurers and MGAs? Instead, use technology to connect to current partners and easily access new markets and automate policy information exchange. Quickly build more profitable insurer relationships and deliver faster, more complete service to policyholders.

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Why Insurer Connectivity Matters to Your Business

  • Keep your customers happy and your book growing

    Provide the service your customers have come to expect. Deliver faster, more complete service to your customers to increase satisfaction and renewal rates.

  • Build more profitable relationships with markets

    Increase your connections. Indicate download quality and future download lines of business you are interested in downloading directly to insurer and MGA partners.

  • Access new markets

    Expand your insurer appetite search to identify more markets and access the information you need to have the right conversations with the right people.

  • Increase the productivity of your team

    Don’t waste time on manual data entry and administrative tasks. With automated policy, claims, direct bill commission and eDocs & Messages download, your team has the most up-to-date client information within your system. Your staff has more time for revenue generating activities.

  • Efficiently manage client policy inquiries on demand

    Securely retrieve account status information, including billing, claims, policy and loss run, directly within your agency management system at exactly the time you need it.

  • Understand your business better

    Get a complete view of your current and potential download activity. Easily view, track and manage your download connections to optimize your agency’s insurer connectivity.

What the Numbers Say

  • 78%

    of agents who embrace insurer connectivity said they are able to more quickly service clients

    Source: IVANS 2020 Connectivity Agency Survey

  • 79%

    of agents who’ve enabled insurer connectivity recognize an increase in ease of doing business with insurer partners

    Source: IVANS 2020 Connectivity Agency Survey

  • 72%

    of agents see an increase in staff productivity after enabling insurer connectivity

    Source: IVANS 2020 Connectivity Agency Survey


The Digital Future of Insurance Is Now

The events of 2020 changed the way companies in every industry do business. Virtually overnight, businesses of every size had to re-evaluate their paths forward. In the current climate, the strategies that worked yesterday may not work best today or in the future. Faced with this uncertainty, it is time to get serious about the digital changes you need to make. Read The Digital Future of Insurance Is Now eBook to learn how to become a more resilient agency and emerge as a stronger, more valuable business with digital technology.

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