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In today’s technology-fueled insurance industry, odds are you are using different applications to manage different types of business – and that’s ok. What’s not ok is when your different applications don’t talk to each other, leaving you to rekey information and wasting precious time you could be using to service your customers and grow your business.

Instead, your business needs an open platform that gives each person in the agency a complete view of clients and prospects to access and act upon – regardless of line of business.

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Why a Single View Matters to Your Business

  • Keep your customers protected and your book growing

    Make sure your customers are covered for all their risks while creating a healthy pipeline of new business that diversifies and bolsters your book of business.

  • Cut costs and save time

    Stop wasting time and money switching between systems or using applications that don’t speak to each other. Get connected and get it all done in one place.

  • Gain deeper insights into your business

    When information is scattered among different systems, it’s hard to make sense of it all. Connect your applications to centralize, analyze, and understand your data to make more intelligent decisions.

What the Numbers Say

  • 35%

    higher revenue per employee for agencies that have a single view of customers

    Source: Applied Systems

  • 30%

    loss in productivity from switching between non-connected systems

    Source: American Psychological Association

  • 69%

    of workers waste up to an hour of productivity each day navigating different enterprise apps

    Source: RingCentral


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