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Today, consumers are overwhelmed with information from every direction. This makes reaching them with the right messages at the right time more important than ever. Integrated into Applied Epic, Applied Marketing Automation™ is the first of its kind in our industry that allows you to quickly build and track marketing email campaigns so you can deliver relevant, timely content to your clients and prospects. Plus, with a robust library of industry-specific and provincially curated content at your disposal, your team no longer has to waste time creating content and one-off messages. Supercharge your marketing efforts for more targeted prospecting, higher renewal conversions and an elevated advisory role.

Key Benefits

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    Let us help you write your content plus add your own

    Tap into a robust library of P&C and benefits specific content that is designed with your business in mind. Or, you can easily add your own content to the library for a mix of personal and native content.

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    Stop spending time managing marketing data in two places

    Cut out the time and money spent managing multiple email automation and content management applications. Through a direct integration with Applied Epic, you can manage campaigns, contacts and marketing subscriptions without ever leaving your core system.

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    See how your campaigns are performing

    Get data-driven insights on the success of your campaigns. Native reporting shows you the messages and content your audience is engaging with the most so you can adjust your campaign for maximum effectiveness.

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    Keep your business protected and in compliance

    Make sure your campaigns are in compliance with email marketing laws and other regulations. Within the application, you can track subscriptions, manage opt-ins and ensure data protection.


  • Content Library

    Engage customers and prospects with 1,000s of articles, infographics, toolkits, checklists and more from a robust library of P&C and benefits specific content. New content is frequently added and kept up to date by a dedicated bilingual editorial team, ensuring your communications are relevant and timely.

  • Contact and List Management

    Create and manage hyper-targeted email campaigns using contact information within Applied Epic. You can easily manage recipient subscription preferences too. That way, you won’t annoy customers by over communicating, and will have peace of mind knowing you’re in compliance with email marketing laws.

  • Campaign Management

    Send one-off relevant content to a single customer or set up and schedule a more complex, recurring automated marketing campaign to a select audience. You can also develop your own recurring newsletter campaigns or send campaigns our team has created to deliver timely information to clients and prospects on specific topics of interest.

  • Reporting and Analytics

    Get insight into the success and effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Through embedded reporting, you can see which messages and content your audience is engaging with the most. Then easily adapt campaigns to make sure you’re reaching the right audience with the right message.

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