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The manual, paper-heavy commercial lines process is time-consuming and frustrating for both your customers and your team. Turn the traditionally cumbersome insurance application and renewal process into a simple, Turbo-Tax like experience with our industry leading platform. Indio uses “smart” form technology to streamline the insurance form data gathering process and to digitally collaborate with consumers. Simplify the insurance application process to make it faster, more collaborative, easier, and minimize errors and omissions. It will save you and your clients time and money.

Key Benefits

  • A laptop icon with a dark blue screen displaying a checklist

    Remove the friction from the submission process

    Offer your customers an online, collaborative insurance application experience. With Indio, comments and discussions can happen directly in the application between your team and clients so you no longer have to send one-off emails, calls and texts.

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    Keep your staff happy and customers renewing

    Start the renewal process with one click and have all data from the current year’s policy pre-filled into the application. By offering a simple, fast, digital application process, you give your customers a better experience. The result? Your producers can more effectively cross-sell and increase customer retention.


  • Extensive Application Library

    Access the vast library of more than 7,500 insurance applications, including common forms, supplemental insurer applications, custom brokerage applications and questionnaires. By using online, digital applications, you create a single data capture process and simplified data mapping to automate application completion.

  • Intelligent Activity Tracking

    Stay informed of when your customers log into the Indio platform, fill out information, sign forms, and submit data. As they make changes, Indio intelligently shows you which changes were made so you no longer have to search line by line.

  • Collaborative Environment

    Give multiple teammates from your customer’s organization access to specific applications, allowing for an online, collaborative application experience. Clients can easily leave comments and questions on any part of an application that they are unsure about to help facilitate a streamlined process.

  • Renewal Verification

    When creating a renewal packet for your customer, data from the prior year auto populates into the new year’s forms and applications, alleviating the need to rekey duplicate data year over year. When reviewing a renewal packet, clients simply verify which information has remained the same and edit what has changed from the prior year. All your client’s verifications and edits are logged in the Indio platform to mitigate your brokerage’s error and omissions exposure.

  • Applied Policy Works Integration

    Bi-directional integration with Applied Policy Works allows you to export or import collaborative data with the consumer. This invaluable shortcut provides a seamless front-office workflow and reduces duplicative data entry between commercial applications.

  • Schedule Workbooks

    Existing schedule workbook data can be uploaded into the platform and instantly become an interactive online table. This allows you and your clients to collaborate without having to share large Excel files and documents.

  • Control Form Appearance

    Customize the forms you send to a client by requiring and hiding any part of the form before they see it.

What's New

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    Send Smart Reminders to Client
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    Export Applied Epic Attachments
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    Schedule Completion Followup
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    Send to Market Submission Insights
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    Marketing Tab
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    Submission Activities Integration