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Sales and marketing are getting more sophisticated – targeting needs to be more precise, lead funneling more focused, and pipeline (including renewals!) management even more scientific. More sales organizations are turning to robust CRM technologies to take the next steps in advancing their sales operations, but still want to remain connected to the core business operations. So we combined the #1 brokerage management system with the #1 CRM platform. Applied Epic for Salesforce™ is the leading sales and marketing application in the industry that allows your sales and servicing teams to work together efficiently by keeping the data and activity synced between the two systems. So while sales focuses on selling the business of insurance, servicing can keep customers happy and protected. Give your sales and marketing teams the power of Salesforce while keeping the rest of your business running in Applied Epic.

Key Benefits

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    Make both Salesforce and a management system work for your business

    Get the most value from your investments in Salesforce and Applied Epic. Thanks to a tight integration between the two systems, you can manage updates to both systems in Applied Epic for Salesforce, saving you time and money.

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    Customize the application to best suit your brokerage's needs

    Work the way that works for you. Configure the application to show the fields and data model that matches your business structure in Applied Epic. Plus, access more than 5k apps in the AppExchange.

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    Set the rules to trigger all the right steps

    Push converted leads from Applied Epic for Salesforce into Applied Epic to establish account and contact details plus create an opportunity. By automating sales operations, your team can have more time to focus on selling and servicing customers.

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    Keep your book of business strong and growing

    Determine how much new business you are bringing in and keeping through robust data analytics capabilities. Dashboards provide insights into how your team is performing while the more than 50 reports at your disposal show the health of your book of business.


  • Applied Epic and Salesforce Integration

    Seamlessly exchange data for accounts, contacts, policies, activities, attachments and more with a tight integration between Salesforce and Applied Epic. Data can flow one-way or bi-directionally between systems based on the unique requirements of your business.

  • Purpose-Built Data Model

    Benefit from a purpose-built data model that has account, policy and Applied Epic attachment components. The application data model also maps organizational structure by brokerage, branch, department, and profit centre, and aligns employee roles and security rights established in Applied Epic with Salesforce.

  • Reports and Dashboards

    Gain full insight into how sales and servicing teams are performing through detailed producer and manager dashboards. Access 50+ out-of-the-box insurance reports to quickly review the health of your book of business, upcoming renewals, and opportunities to determine how much new business you are bringing and keeping in your brokerage.

  • Cloud Choice

    Built 100% natively on Salesforce, Applied Epic for Salesforce is designed to work across all Salesforce clouds, including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Financial Services Cloud (FSC) for Insurance, Marketing Cloud, and Community Cloud. Specific integrations have been built with Financial Services Cloud to integrate policy terms lines and brokerage structure.

  • Activity Management

    Keep front-office and back-office staff on the same page with bi-directional activity data exchange. Activities can be managed at the work type and employee level, and can be initiated in either system, synced, and accessed by both sales and service reps so they can deliver a consistent message to prospects and customers.

  • Insurance Lead Management

    Push a converted lead from Applied Epic for Salesforce into Applied Epic to establish account and contact details plus create an opportunity.

  • Renewal Management

    Take the stress out of renewals by automating the process. Schedule renewals to become open opportunities within Applied Epic based on criteria you’ve established, including days before expiration, structures, premiums, line of business and policy status.

What's New

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    Applied Epic Benefits Integration
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    Integrated Real-Time Plan Modeling
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    Benefits-Specific Reporting and Dashboard
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    Purpose-Built Benefits Data Model
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    Broker Account Integration
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    Applied Epic Marketing Submission Integration
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    Drag and Drop Multiple Attachments
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    Producer and Broker Commissions Integration

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