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The pace of business today and increasing customer demand for instant service means you need to spend less time managing and updating your hardware and software. You also need to ensure your business is protected when the worst happens. Rely on the only cloud purpose-built for your business, Applied Cloud™. Our cloud platform provides a flexible operating environment with scalability for business growth, stronger business continuity protection and increased mobile access to business information. Embrace cloud technology and have peace of mind knowing your software is updated, your data is secure, and your business is running at its best.

Key Benefits

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    Keep your data safe and your business running smoothly

    Safeguard sensitive information and client records with the latest in data protection. Regardless of the disruption, your business is continuously protected by operations recovery, backup encryption, redundancy technology and active failover centres.

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    Rely on a team of cloud experts

    Our team of highly skilled cloud specialists configure your software to make sure your brokerage management system operates at optimal levels within the cloud environment.

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    Leave the maintenance and updates to us

    Save time and money when you stop managing your own software. Our team of experts will take care of all hardware and software testing, system maintenance and updates. And will do it at times that won’t disrupt your business.


  • Data Security

    Secure your data in our Tier III+ certified data centres. Our cloud uses AES-256 data-at-rest encryption (DARE), as well as 128-bit bi-directional packet-level encryption to prevent unauthorized access or theft.

  • High Availability Architecture

    Make sure your business is up and running – no matter the circumstances. With twice the available load capacity, there's virtually zero downtime, just smooth, continuous operations.

  • Active Pairing for Redundancy

    Rest assured your data is backed up by a pair of redundant data centres that are constantly active and capable of supporting the combined production load of the pair.

  • Optimized Configuration

    Configure brokerage software for optimal performance. Our cloud is designed to place the right workload on the right performance storage. It uses high availability network connectivity, which means maximum bandwidth for greater performance and business continuity.


Hear What Our Customers Say

For Western Financial Group, managing their own hardware and software was taking valuable time away from serving clients and selling insurance. Learn how the brokerage is able to focus more on the business and less on IT-related issues by moving to a cloud-based management system.

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