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Edmonton, AB


22 Years

As an Applied Customer

Additional Info

Employees: 165+
Offices: 9



The need to standardize processes across multiple offices and automate the entire brokerage

Drayden Insurance Ltd. has a staff of 165 across multiple offices and needed a single system to standardize data and workflows to increase efficiency and ensure data consistency across offices. The customer experience is also a major focus for Drayden Insurance Ltd. The staff needed a system that automates operations, reducing time spent on administrative tasks and providing more time to service customers.

With staff now able to compile their own reports for their managers in an automated fashion, we are saving a lot of time.

Loreen Belovich


The decision to manage operations with digital technology

Drayden Insurance Ltd. chose Applied Epic to streamline business operations and standardize data across all eight offices. The management team at Drayden Insurance Ltd. also leverages consistent, enterprise-wide reporting of Applied Epic to efficiently manage business operations across multiple geographies in one application. Staff are able to schedule reports and view their progress against projected goals.

Applied Epic has also been instrumental in improving customer service. “In Applied Epic, we can send emails and newsletters, and really manage our marketing efforts to keep in touch with the clients that we might not see that often,” said Belovich. From a sales perspective, cross-selling and upselling are automated within Applied Epic. “Our goal is to wholly take care of our clients, and when they write more types of business with us, we can provide better rates and service,” said Belovich.


Standardized workflows: Added ease of doing business and time to spend with clients

Applied Epic automates business operations around workflows that enable Drayden Insurance Ltd. to increase staff efficiency, while ensuring consistent delivery of high-level service to its clients. The standardized workflows across all offices was an important factor in choosing Applied Epic. “We are confident in the accuracy and consistencies of our data. And, knowing that staff is completing processes the same way across all offices is critical,” said Belovich. The workflows are tailored to Drayden Insurance Ltd., with easy drag and drop capabilities and activities with detailed notes. Drayden Insurance Ltd. now spends less time to complete change requests and process new business because of the workflows. “There isn’t a lot of extra clicking, so we are seeing productivity savings in that area,” said Belovich.

In the last year, Drayden Insurance Ltd. has seen client retention increase as the added efficiencies from Applied Epic enable staff to spend more time focusing on customers. “From the efficiencies gained with Applied Epic workflows, we are able to spend more time with clients and provide strategic advice and counsel,” said Belovich. “Applied enables us to provide a better client experience and spend more time with the client and less time on data entry and servicing.” Drayden Insurance Ltd. continues to see significant growth with the use of Applied technology.

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