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Sales & Marketing

3 Minute Read

Tap Into the Power of Applied Epic Sales Automation

Published: March 21, 2024

Sales & Marketing

3 Minute Read

Tap Into the Power of Applied Epic Sales Automation

Published: March 21, 2024


If you’re searching for strategies that save time, automate manual tasks, and enhance your sales pipeline, then Applied Epic® Marketing and Sales Automation is what you’re looking for.

Whether you’re a producer tracking and managing your sales pipeline, a marketing professional seeking touchpoints with prospective clients, or an operations team member bringing tools and efficiencies into the fold, Applied Epic has automated solutions that can help across the board.

The on-demand workshop “Actualizing the Power of Applied Epic Sales Automation” offers insights and how-tos for managing and automating your sales tasks. By doing more in less time, you’re free to focus on generating more revenue while maintaining consistency and mitigating errors and omissions risk.

Configuring and Managing Opportunities

Applied Epic automation keeps you organized and on top of your sales goals. Deploy your data to cast a wide net or drill into niche markets.

Building your sales pipeline is the first step to winning new business. Applied Epic allows you to differentiate between unqualified leads, qualified prospects, engaged opportunities, and clients, which helps you to track your sales funnels, goals, and progress.

In the on-demand workshop, Applied Solutions Specialists JC Mahan and Jesse Gomez explain how creating distinct sets of opportunity stages and organizing them into groups lets you work more effectively. Define the stages of your organization’s sales process, including the probability of winning at each stage, and then track key data to refine your strategies.

You can also configure sales-related activities and tasks that will help you to manage and document your work. “Opportunities are what you’re chasing. Activities and tasks are how you’re chasing it,” Mahan notes.

The Importance of Data Integrity

One of the key takeaways from the workshop is the importance of maintaining detailed, accurate client data. That includes your client's contact information, policy details, the condition of your sales funnel, and any other client information your staff obtains.

Applied Epic sales and marketing automation capabilities can help drive increased revenue for your company, but only as far as the data is available to Epic for you to properly identify and engage your desired audience. The old saying goes, “garbage in, garbage out,” but the workshop challenges you to flip the script and strive for “quality in, quality out!”

Automating Your Processes

Applied Epic can save valuable time by sending automatic welcome emails and text messages to your prospects and won business. You can target communications by business segments and define the frequency of communication.

You can also automatically generate activities for your service teams. This empowers them to collect information and perform essential tasks quickly. For example, once the producer wins the business, the servicing team can automatically receive an activity identifying the next steps for onboarding.

Applied Epic Reports and Marketing uses data stored in the system to create a snapshot of sales pipelines and hit ratios that are filterable by the sales team, type of business, policy type, and more. You can also track wins and losses to identify future areas of opportunity.

By improving workflows and tracking individual and department goals, you’re increasing efficiency, supporting your team, and, most importantly, improving the prospect and client experience.

Integrating Solutions

The workshop also explains how to use your data to enhance the power of integrated software solutions such as Indio®, Applied CSR24®, Applied Marketing Automation® and Applied Benefits Designer™.

The more integrated the data, the more you can take advantage of your entire Applied portfolio and the more time you save each day.

Turning Your Data into Business Solutions

Another important sales feature discussed in the workshop is Epic Dashboards, which should be available for general release later in 2024. Epic Dashboards let you visualize data in Applied Epic with reports that enable faster decision-making and help to answer key business questions.

These high-level visual summaries will have specific reports for Sales Managers, which will help you analyze your book of business and growth trajectory in new ways.


For more insights and demonstrations, check out the full on-demand workshop “Actualizing the Power of Applied Epic Sales Automation.”

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