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New Year, New Agency Tools

Date Published:

By: Katie Seitz

Digital Agency

3 Minute Read

New Year, New Agency Tools

Date Published:

By: Katie Seitz


A new year is the perfect time for a fresh start. As you write your list of resolutions for the new year, keep in mind the old but true saying: A goal without a plan is just a wish. While millions of people will begin 2024 with lofty aspirations, very few will accomplish what they set out to do. In fact, according to U.S. News & World Report, 80% of resolutions made each new year are not kept, and most are abandoned by February. One reason so many resolutions fail is a lack of strategy.

If you want to kick 2024 off right and stick to your New Year's resolutions, you should take advantage of all the tools and resources at your disposal. We’ve launched some exciting innovations in the past year that can help you automate more of your business, increase staff productivity, and provide faster and better service to customers.

5 Tools to Help You Actually Keep Your Agency’s New Year’s Resolutions

  • Tarmika Insured

    Tarmika Insured

    Tarmika Insured™ is a commercial quoting application that seamlessly embeds within your agency's website to create a simple, digital quoting experience for your customers. Stay connected as part of the process, with all risk data flowing into the Tarmika application to review additional coverage options. Its ultra-reduced question set, data pre-fill, and custom field mapping make completing the application quick and easy for clients. Plus, integration with the Applied Epic® and EZLynx® management systems ensures all data capture is synced back into your core system.

  • Epic Browser

    Epic Browser

    Applied Epic Browser provides on-the-go access to your management system so you and your team can work from anywhere. Its new modern design offers a simpler user experience, which means fewer clicks, fewer screens, and more native lookups and validation, making for more productive and happier staff. With Applied Epic Browser, you’ll receive smaller, more frequent releases for more consumable updates and quicker value realization. You’ll also get exclusive access to new capabilities, which can only be supported by browser technology.

  • Content Assist

    Content Assist

    Applied Marketing Automation® has been taking the heavy lifting out of email marketing for over three years, but its newest feature is about to make things even easier. Content Assist is an integrated, generative AI tool purpose-built for insurance agents to aid in streamlining the email creation process, ensuring clear, concise, and engaging communication. Decide the length, tone, and subject matter, then let this powerful tool create eye-catching, relevant content. You remain in the driver’s seat, giving final approval before sending an email that is sure to pique the recipients' interest.

  • Epic Dashboards

    Epic Dashboards

    Epic Dashboards is an out-of-the-box reporting and analytics tool directly embedded in Applied Epic Browser. These persona-based dashboards drill into the data important to each person’s role at your agency and present it in an easy-to-understand graphical interface that they can double-click to learn details about sales performance, operational capacity, and more.

  • Applied Pay

    Applied Pay

    Applied Pay® provides a safe, convenient way for insureds to pay their premiums online from any device and integrates seamlessly with Applied Epic and Applied CSR24®. We continue to deliver innovative enhancements to the platform, including a hosted payment page ‘Pay Now’ link. This highly requested feature allows insureds to pay multiple or single invoices that are open in Applied Epic or request an exact payment for items such as third-party fees or services rendered. Automatically apply payments received through the Hosted Payment Page to a client’s account in Applied Epic and create an Activity and a Transaction for accounting purposes.

Add one (or all) of these innovations to your tech stack and make 2024 your best year yet!

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